Toyota Corolla Touring Sports: Get to Know the Spacious Dimensions and Boot Space

The Toyota Corolla Touring Sports is the family variant of the Corolla. The compact car grows almost 30 centimeters with the aim of offering a ranch body, oriented to the greater load capacity and greater comfort for long trips. It is available with the traditional Toyota hybrid mechanics with a 1.8 or 2-liter engine.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Measures

Measures Model Average of competitors
Height (mm) 1,445 1475
Length (mm) 4,653 4737
Wheelbase (Wheelbase) (mm) 2,700 2773
Width (mm) 1,790 1832
Ground clearance (mm) 137 140
Front track width (mm) 1,530 1574
Rear track width (mm) 1,530 1568
Turning diameter between curbs (mm) 10,580 11232

The Toyota Corolla Touring Sports measures 4.65 meters in length and it is below the average of the rancheras on the market as far as this measure is concerned. It measures 1.79 meters wide and 1.44 meters high in addition to offering a 2.7 meter wheelbase. These data are generally below the competitors that have been taken into account for the averages.

The front and rear track width of the Corolla Touring Sports is the same and the ground clearance is 13.7 cm so you will not be able to easily take off-road sections on somewhat forded terrain. Turning diameter between curbs it is acceptable with respect to the segment and will allow it to be a manageable car with good maneuverability in the city and in the narrowest parking spaces.

Squares and Gates

Squares and gates Model
Plazas 5
Doors 5

The wagon version of the Toyota Corolla is a 5-door model with seating for 5 passengers as opposed to the 4-door Sedan version. Within the Toyota range, the Proace and Highlander are the only models with a 3-row seat configuration and 7-passenger capacity.


Toyota Corolla Touring Sports
Trunk Model Average of competitors
Load compartment capacity (l) 598 573
Folded seats capacity (l) 1672

The boot capacity of the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports is 598 liters. This is partly thanks to the increased C-pillar over the 5-door version. Its measurements are good and very usable and its capacity is slightly above the average for medium-sized rancheras. Above are for example the KIA Ceed Tourer or the Skoda Octavia.

The Toyota Corolla station wagon is a model mainly geared towards city use for its fuel efficiency as well as for long trips thanks to its good boot capacity and decent interior space. Your starting price It is in the middle of the main rivals of the Corolla of similar benefits.

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