Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid 120H e-CVT AWD-i: Our Comprehensive Review is Here!

Toyota Yaris Cross , just by saying its name you can guess what concept the car we tested this week introduces. It is a crossover model that takes the mythical Yaris as its starting point, one of the most popular utility vehicles on the market.

It would be positioned in the range just below the Toyota C-HR and above the Aygo X that is about to arrive, standing up to tough rivals in the B-SUV segment. It does so with a starting price of 23,350 euros and with the following qualities:

Given the huge demand for SUVs, it was rare that Toyota was not in one of the most popular segments. Although it arrives late, it arrives stomping with a product that is destined to be a best seller.

It uses the same TNGA-B modular platform as the normal Yaris, with which it shares an assembly line in France. Another differentiating factor is that it is only available in hybrid format and can optionally have all-wheel drive, probably being the reason that can make it stand out from other rivals without that option.

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid 120H e-CVT AWD-i Review

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Exterior

Although it has the name Yaris in its name, the truth is that on an aesthetic level it reminds us more of a Toyota RAV4 due to its level of robustness and its more marked lines , for example, with those square wheel arches. It becomes a full-fledged crossover thanks to marked details such as the prominent bumpers with silver fenders , the roof bars or the underbody in black plastic, which also include the inscription with the model name on the lower part of the doors. rear.

That it has the same technical basis as the Yaris does not mean that they share dimensions. The Toyota Yaris Cross maintains the wheelbase of 2,560 mm, but grows in the rest of the measures in a remarkable way. In fact, it is up to 24 cm longer than the conventional Yaris, adding 6 cm at the front and 18 cm at the rear. It stays this way with a length of 4,180 mm , a width of 1,765 mm and a height of 1,560 mm, another substantial difference.

Other details that must be mentioned in the design of the Toyota Yaris Cross are this high front, in which the LED headlights appear in a predominant position. Between the two is the brand logo and below a specific grill . The fog lights are integrated into the previously named bumper. On the other hand, at the rear the highlights are the taillights integrated into a darkened trim.

Personalization options are also generous in the Toyota Yaris Cross. It offers up to 9 body colors to choose from, highlighting the new and exclusive “Bass Gold” that our unit wears. It can also be combined with black, white or gold, contrasting the roof, mirrors and pillars to achieve that two-tone effect to complete the range with 15 options. The wheels range from 16 to 18 inches and there are also several designs to choose from.

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Interior

If on the outside we saw that it was quite groundbreaking, the truth is that we cannot say the same about the interior . Here it is very similar to its twin brother, although its multimedia system improves and can offer the 9-inch touch screen that appears on this unit. It is more capable than the standard 8-inch and stands out for its advanced graphics or ease of use. Also for its connectivity with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly.

Luckily it is not all touch and analog climate controls are maintained , easier and simpler to operate. If we continue talking about infotainment, this Yaris Cross has a mixed instrumentation with a 7-inch screen in the center of the large speed dial. It is somewhat simple, but it correctly displays the different information from the on-board computer. In addition, it can be complemented with a 10-inch Head-Up Display in this top-of-the-range version.

If we talk about quality , we have to say that it is a correct model, a generalist that complies without making unnecessary boasts. As in the rest of the brand’s copies, you can see some finishes that seem solid and that will resist well over time. There are quite a few hard plastics, but they are not unpleasant to the touch. The only thing that tarnishes the whole would be the piano black of the intermediate area and center console. On the contrary, the upholstery and the upper part of the dashboard stand out for good.

In the Yaris Cross it is possible to expect a greater habitability than in the normal Yaris. A priori it is already beginning to be noticed in the front seats, where we see a driving position 63 mm higher than in a normal Yaris and a generous roof clearance that makes it suitable for all types of heights. We also find a good number of storage compartments, highlighting the one below the screen and the center console, in addition to the usual ones in the doors and glove box.

Access to the second row of seats is not very comfortable due to the limited opening of the doors. Once inside, we find quite correct rear seats, with space for the legs and for the head in the case of users who are around 1.70. It is true that from 1.85 meters the space will be just , just as it must be clarified that the central square lacks shape and is crossed by a transmission tunnel. Better to travel four adults than five in this Toyota Yaris Cross.


The trunk of this model is also larger than that of the Yaris from which it starts. Approves 397 liters , which would be equivalent to 104 liters more than in the utility. Of course, in the case of opting for a version with all- wheel drive, 77 liters are lost , leaving a capacity of 320 liters due to the position of the second electric motor. This is the case of our unit and, as can be seen, despite the reduction in space, it is still quite successful due to its straight and usable lines.

There are other benefits in the trunk of the Toyota Yaris Cross. Its gate can have hands-free opening and in the front-wheel drive there is a floor that can be placed at two heights to achieve a fairly usable double bottom. In any case, the spare wheel is not offered in any version, you have to settle for the anti-puncture kit. The top of the range can fold their seats in three parts (40:20:40) to leave a flat surface of up to 1,097 liters of capacity .


The Toyota Yaris Cross also has many options in its equipment , as up to five different finishes are available. Already as standard it shows a fairly complete endowment, since it starts with the Business Plus to add elements such as 16-inch wheels, rear LED turn signals, multimedia system with an 8-inch screen and connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, multifunction leather steering wheel, fabric upholstery, electric windows or hill start assistant.

It is followed by the Active Tech finish , which adds to the above 17-inch wheels, LED headlights, keyless entry and start, instrumentation with a 7-inch screen, in addition to two options between a 9-inch main screen with a browser and wireless connectivity and a base inductive charging (Connect Pack) or 360º vision system, hands-free tailgate and automatic rear pre-collision braking (Comfort Pack).

It is followed by the Style finish to have the Connect Pack as standard, 18-inch wheels, heated seats, mixed upholstery, folding second row in three parts (40:20:40), ambient lighting or dual-zone climate control. On the other hand, the Adventure finish adds two-tone paint, with roof bars and black plastic trim with 18-inch two-tone wheels. The leather upholstery is specific and it has a multi-link rear suspension, because it is only available with AWD-i all-wheel drive.

The top of the range at the moment is the Premiere Edition , the special launch version, which is the one that our test unit carries. In this case, the exterior paint and 18-inch wheels are specific, as is the matching upholstery or trim inside. It is followed by the Head-Up Display, the automatic tailgate, the eight-speaker JBL sound system and is also offered only in the four-wheel drive versions.


In our market, the Toyota Yaris Cross is only available with the brand’s hybrid powertrain . It is the one that corresponds to the fourth generation and earns the DGT ECO label. It combines a mechanical three-cylinder and 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle 92 hp with a small electric block of 59 kW (80 hp). There is an AWD-i all-wheel drive version that introduces a second electric motor to drive the rear axle. In any case, the transmission is the usual planetary gear e-CVT and the combined power of 116 hp.

Our unit has all-wheel drive, so let’s explain how it works . It is a second electric motor of reduced size and little more than 7 CV that works independently. It does not modify the total power with respect to the front-wheel drive because the battery and the electrical system are the same. Its operation is limited to low speeds . It works permanently between 0 and 10 km/h, while between 10 and 70 km/h it only works when the front wheels lose grip. It also has several driving modes that we will tell you about below.


From the first moment we get into this Toyota Yaris Cross 120H e-CVT AWD-i, it is clear that it is a car made for efficiency . It is surprising how the gasoline engine and the electric ones are interspersed depending on the needs of each moment. It is extremely easy to move in electric mode when the throttle demand is low, in fact, we will be able to move with the gasoline engine off at speeds of up to 130 km/h, something that we could not dream of in previous generations of these hybrid models.

Although the range is so limited and there is only one power level, it is within the standards of the B-SUV segment. With its 116 hp and 120 Nm of torque, it is average and achieves quite normal performance, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.8 seconds and a top speed of 170 km/h. CO2 emissions range from 98 g/km in the front-wheel drive to 106 g/km in this all-wheel drive, while the approved consumption is between 4.3 and 5.2 l/100km.

In real life, the truth is that it does not seem complicated to me to approach that approved consumption. In the test week we have marked an average of around 5.3 liters . The efficiency of the whole helps a lot, with an e-CVT transmission that has been improving over the years and that achieves a much more natural response. We must also take into account its lightness despite being a hybrid model, since it weighs just 1,260 kg . The low consumption is appreciated considering that it has a very small fuel tank with just 36 liters.

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a fairly versatile car. Its favorite territory is going to be the city , because that is where its hybrid mechanics stand out and also where its ease of driving and maneuverability is evident, with a very small turning radius. It is not out of place in other areas, since the stability is correct on the highway at higher speeds and the agility is good in curved sections, although there certain swaying will be noticed due to the greater height of its bodywork.

The behavior of the Toyota Yaris Cross can be configured thanks to various driving modes . At the beginning we have the usual Eco, Normal and Power; there being a slight difference in the way power is delivered and in the feel of the steering. There is also a B mode for you to increase retention and regenerate more power for your batteries. The AWD-i all-wheel drive system also has Normal, Trail and Snow modes . Although it is not an off-roader, we see it as a great help in adverse weather situations and to get off the asphalt with certain guarantees, always taking into account its ground clearance of 17 cm.

The positive part of carrying the all-wheel drive is that it has a different suspension scheme. In all cases, the front axle is MacPherson type and in the rear the torsion bar is changed for a multi-link  that makes it win whole. It is a car that seeks comfort over sportsmanship and that makes the address too soft, with excessive assistance that translates into a lack of information in some circumstances. The touch of the brakes does not convince either, because with regenerative braking it is difficult to dose the pedal.

It doesn’t take a lynx to realize that Toyota has hit the nail on the head with the Yaris Cross. Anyone looking for an SUV (most buyers) with the ECO label (key in large cities) with a good image, technology and equipment will find it in this product. It is true that having only one version can limit you, but it is also one of the most usable by level of power and efficiency. Not to mention that it is one of the few B-SUVs that can carry all-wheel drive.

Although it is true that only having it in hybrid format and not with traditional combustion engines, makes the bill rise slightly . They are 23,350 euros starting, although the top of the range with all-wheel drive and the top-of-the-range Premiere Edition finish will rise to 30,300 euros. A little less if you unleash your mobility and visit, where we have the best new vehicle offers in the country and financing with very interesting conditions.

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