Volkswagen ID.5: Started Production at the Zwickau Plant

Volkswagen ID.5, the latest member of the ID range to be unveiled – and waiting for the ID Buzz – is finally ready to reach dealers and European streets: Volkswagen announced the start of production of the electric SUV “coupé” at the German factory in Zwickau, where it shares the assembly line with other products such as the ID.3, ID.4, Cupra Born and Audi Q4 e-tron.

Volkswagen ID.5: Soon will be seen on the street

As is known, the ID.5 shares many of the components with the ID.4, but with minor tweaks in its performance and range. For example, the less powerful version develops 150 hp, which, in combination with the battery with a higher capacity (77 kWh), enables a range of up to 540 kilometers. Likewise, with its 299 horsepower, all-wheel drive and the same battery, the GTX can travel up to 497 kilometers without stopping to recharge, more than acceptable figures given its size.

Aesthetically, the ID.5 has a more aggressive look than its smaller brother, with specific bumpers with a sportier look. The biggest distinguishing feature is the fastback-type rear trim that design and marketing executives like to describe as a coupé and whose creator was the first generation BMW X6. Unlike the ID Crozz concept, the doors are framed and the third window is slightly more triangular in shape. The rear, the newest of the set, adds a small spoiler in place of the prototype’s dovetail finish.

Mechanically, like the entire ID family, it uses the MEB electric modular platform and has options for rear-wheel drive or full-wheel drive. As we mentioned earlier, there will be versions from 150 to 299 hp with 52 and 77 kWh batteries. In the case of the GTX version, to achieve this power figure, it will use two propellers and also provide it with four-wheel drive. Likewise, the entire range will be suitable for fast DC charging and power up to 125 kW, which will allow it to recover approximately 300 kilometers of autonomy in just 30 minutes. Strangely enough, its main rival is within the same group: the Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback, with a similar proposal and with the same platform.

The industrial complex in Zwickau became one of the most important within the Volkswagen group and even regionally it is the most efficient factory for electric vehicles in Europe. To meet the demand and prepare for the arrival of more products, the Wolfsburg company will also manufacture the MEB platform – and the models that use it – at the factories in Emden (for the ID.4), Hanover (for the ID. Buzz ) and Chattanooga (in the United States, for the ID.4), aiming to reach production of 1,200,000 electric vehicles by the end of the year.

In this regard Christian Vollmer, member of the Volkswagen board of management and head of production, stated: “Volkswagen will continue to accelerate the pace of electric mobility in 2022 with its Accelerate strategy and product portfolio expansion. The Zwickau plant paved the way for the Group to produce models from three different brands in just 26 months. With the knowledge and experience we have gained, we can continue to electrify our production network quickly and efficiently.”

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