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A manufacturer that has always stood out for the reliability and robustness of its vehicles is Volvo Cars . But the main characteristic of the brand is the safety developments for the occupants of its models.

In recent times, the Swedish car brand has focused on developing technologies that take care of the environment. Thus, its evolution marks that the future is electric. And part of that electrification is represented by its Mild Hybrid models.

You may be wondering, what is Mild Hybrid? Don’t worry. In this article you are going to discover it, in addition to knowing the entire offer of Mild Hybrid trucks from Volvo Cars . Read on to find out what these machines are.

Why do Volvo Hybrid Cars stand out?

It’s time to find out what Mild Hybrid means. The electrification of vehicles is based on the ideal of caring for the planet, producing fewer polluting emissions. To that end, Volvo Cars developed its new 48-volt Mild Hybrid system.

We can explain, in a few words, that this system has two engines, one internal combustion and one electric . This second motor is smaller in size and acts as a powerful assistant.

The electric motor is used mainly to replace the starter motor and the alternator. Likewise, it can provide power to other electrical components of the vehicle, such as the sound or air conditioning systems.

The electric motor can charge the 48V battery, storing the energy recovered from the brakes. After the battery charge is regulated, the energy stored in 48V direct current is converted to 12V (like ordinary car batteries). It is at this moment that the stored energy is distributed for the electrical needs of the different components.

Volvo Cars Mild Hybrid vehicles save fuel and reduce tailpipe emissions . The lower consumption of gasoline is facilitated by the electric motor, which actively helps the combustion engine and relieves several of its functions.

At the same time, this hybrid system offers you a relaxed and controlled drive. Climbing aboard a Volvo Mild Hybrid pickup, you’ll enjoy smooth starts and optimized acceleration. As well as the efficiency of the Start/Stop technology.

Now you can release a powerful, comfortable and efficient Volvo Cars truck. As if this were not enough, by driving the light hybridization models you will collaborate with the environment, generating fewer emissions.

Volvo Hybrid Cars Lists

The imposing Scandinavian design is now available in our country, so you can opt for a powerful, stylish and highly efficient SUV. Find out below which Volvo Cars trucks have a Mild Hybrid system. Don’t miss out on these beauties!

XC40 B5R Design 

The unique Volvo XC40 is a compact SUV, built for the city and beyond. This model exhibits a bold and expressive body design. This attractive and distinctive appearance is combined with its high efficiency.

The XC40 is powered by a 1,969cc, in-line 4-cylinder, turbocharged B5 petrol engine. In addition, it has an electric motor to convert this model into a mild hybrid truck.

This hybrid engine develops an incredible combined power of 264 HP . This is combined with its 8-speed automatic transmission, as well as its Start-Stop system. It also has AWD all-wheel drive to face any road.

It is a very dynamic and sporty compact truck, with versatile and practical conditions for your different needs of use. Its dimensions are 1652 mm high, 2034 mm wide and 4425 mm long.

XC40 B5R Design 

It is a model equipped with an open and folding panoramic roof . Thanks to it you will be able to enjoy the fresh air and the open sky in your driving. Inside you will find various smart storage solutions. There you can move water bottles, phones, laptops. It even comes with hooks to secure shopping bags.

Its infotainment system will allow you to integrate the interface and functions of your smartphone with the central 9-inch touch screen. You can make calls, write messages with voice control, enjoy music and other options through the screen and steering wheel controls.

On board the XC40 you will have the active protection of Lane Keeping Aid . This driver assistance technology helps you maintain a safe distance from cars ahead by adapting your speed. It also works to keep you centered in the lane through minor steering adjustments.

This truck also has other effective driving assistants. Among them, we can mention its forward collision warning with automatic braking, lane keeping assist and BLIS blind spot monitoring.

This SUV also has a WHIPS™ cervical trauma protection system in the headrests, as well as a reverse camera and electronic stability control (ESC) with traction control. In the rear seat you will find ISOFIX anchorage points for a child seat.

XC60 B5 Momentum

The new Volvo XC60 is a high-end midsize SUV. It features refreshed design details and now has a built-in Google browser, so you’re more connected than ever.

In its Momentum version, this Mild Hybrid truck from Volvo Cars is equipped with a B5 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cylinder in-line engine. In addition, it is supported by its electric motor that charges the 48-volt battery. In combination, both impellers will give you a total power of 264 HP and a torque of 390 Nm.

Like all Volvo vehicles with mild hybrid technology, this model is highly efficient and makes optimized use of fuel. In addition, it is friendly to the environment due to its low CO2 emissions (Euro 6d standards).

These attributes add up to four-wheel drive , plus an 8-speed automatic transmission. Such mechanics will give you acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds, for a top speed of 180 km/h.

XC60 B5 Momentum

Let’s learn more about your safety! The Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid in its Momentum version is equipped with an ABS anti-lock braking system. It also has electronic stability control (ESC) with traction control system and emergency braking assistant – EBA.

The Swedish brand works hard to provide maximum protection for your whole family. For this reason, the new Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid includes innovative technology such as the City Safety system . This will give you accident prevention assistance at speeds below 50 km/h. The system is responsible for blocking the acceleration set by activating the brakes to take care of you in the event of possible collisions.

Other driving aids integrated into this light hybrid truck are BLIS blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. It also includes lane keeping assist and highway driving assist, also called Pilot Assist.

The Momentum version of the Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid is fitted with 19-inch 5-Y-spoke black diamond-cut wheels. Other details that stand out in the bold exterior design are the front grille with black insert and chrome frame, as well as the matching mirror caps.

On the outside there are also practical black roof rails, so you can load more luggage. It also has LED daytime running lights, as well as automatic activation of the lights. The door handles are illuminated and it is a model that includes explorer lights.

The interior design is not far behind. Inside the cabin you’ll find leather-trimmed seats, as well as Iron Ore aluminum trim and a custom dark gray steering wheel.

The infotainment system has a 9-inch central touch screen, voice commands and audio controls on the steering wheel. The driver’s wide digital display panel is 12.3 inches.

This model has an incredible High Performance Sound sound system. For everyone to travel more comfortably, it has automatic climate control with a 2-zone Clean Zone air quality system. It is also equipped with a wireless induction cell phone charger, so you never run out of battery on your smartphone, even if you forget the cable.

XC60 B6 Registration

Are you a fan of Volvo Cars trucks? Then you won’t stop marveling at the XC60 model in its B6 Inscription version with Mild Hybrid technology. This midsize SUV has an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The first difference with the previous version is obvious in the wheels. There, the Inscription features 20-inch , 5-spoke, black diamond-cut alloy wheels.

The next difference is under the hood. Although it has the same displacement (1969 cc), the in-line 4-cylinder B6 engine is Supercharged and Turbocharged. Thanks to this aspect, it develops an incredible maximum power of 314 HP (combining gasoline and electric motors), compared to the 264 HP of the Momentum version.

In addition, it achieves acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.2 seconds. Conscious of road safety, Volvo Cars has limited the total speed of this model to 180 km/h, like many of its vehicles.

Its elegant and bold exterior design has several aspects that make it even more striking. This is the case with the bright roof rails and illuminated door handles.

XC60 B6 Inscription

On the exterior of the vehicle you’ll also find LED daytime running lights, as well as scout lights and active LED lights. It also has windshield wipers with integrated water nozzles.

Enjoy a simpler and safer driving experience with the XC60 Inscription. Some of its safety devices are its ISOFIX child seat anchorage system, hill descent control (HDC), ABS anti-lock braking system and tire pressure monitoring.

One of the most advanced safety features created by Volvo Cars is its City Safety system. This technology is also included in the XC60 B6 Inscription. To prevent accidents caused by lack of concentration, the vehicle momentarily takes control of the acceleration and activates the braking systems until the danger passes.

This model also includes front and rear parking sensors, reverse camera and Keyless system for keyless opening. It also has a Start/Stop system for greater efficiency and fuel savings when driving in urban environments.

With the XC60 Inscription you access a more functional cabin loaded with technology and comfort. Enjoy your automatic climate control with 4-zone Clean Zone air quality system . You can also take advantage of an imposing view of the open sky thanks to its panoramic sliding roof.

The 5-passenger seating is covered in all the style and refinement of Nappa leather. In addition to this detail, the driver and front passenger seats are electrically adjustable. It even has memories for the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat.

As if this were not enough, the front seats also have electric lumbar adjustment. These are ventilated and have heating. All cabin seats have cushion extensions.

When you sit behind the wheel, you can drive more calmly and view information on the 12.3-inch digital instrument panel. You can also keep an eye on what’s happening outside at all times, thanks to the interior and exterior mirrors with automatic anti-dazzle technology.

On board this model you will enjoy a top-quality multimedia and sound experience. Talk to Google in your XC60 truck thanks to its hands-free control. Through the intuitive interface of the 9-inch touch screen, access all the entertainment.

The XC60 line is equipped with the best navigation system in its class. This is because they have Google Maps fully integrated into the car . Along with Google Assistant, they will provide you with all the traffic information in real time to reach your destination without complications.

XC90 B6 Momentum

Another jewel of Volvo Cars engineering is the XC90 B6 Momentum with Mild Hybrid system. This model will give you a smoother and more refined driving experience from the moment you start the engine.

This truck has large dimensions. This is verified in its amazing interior space. In its cabin, seven people can travel in true comfort and safety, from a city tour to a long holiday road trip.

The overall dimensions of this model are as follows: 1,771 mm high, 4,953 mm long, and 2,140 mm wide. Its exterior appearance is impressive, largely thanks to its front grille with black insert, as well as chrome frame. It features matching mirror caps and attractive 20-inch matte graphite diamond-cut 5-multi-spoke wheels.

Thanks to its automatic climate control with 4-zone Clean Zone air quality system, you will have more comfortable trips. This technology guarantees up to 95% cleanliness of the cabin air.

Inside this beauty, not only does its leather upholstery stand out. But the refined Linear Walnut decorative elements also stand out, in addition to its personalized leather steering wheel. When driving, you can see all the relevant information on the large 12-inch driver’s display.

XC90 B6 Momentum

Let’s talk now about the mechanical part of the Volvo XC90 B6 Momentum. This machine is equipped with the 2.0L Supercharged B6 engine. This is supported by the electric motor, designed to recover electrical energy during braking and thus spend less gasoline. In combination, both engines can develop a maximum power of 314 HP.

The Volvo XC90 also has integral 4-wheel drive, to overcome any obstacle on the road. Its performance also cares for the environment, thanks to its electrification and its low emissions that follow Euro VI standards.

Among the security features of this model, we can mention that it includes the Lane Keeping Aid system. This technology will allow you to always stay focused on the lane you are in, through subtle steering adjustments.

It is also equipped with Oncoming Lane Mitigation technology. This innovative safety assistance system can help you detect and avoid other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles on the road. To do this, it first issues an alert and then brakes automatically if the driver does not react. XC90 B6 Momentum also features front and rear parking sensors.

XC90 B6 Registration

Another example of the efficiency, technology, comfort and power of Volvo Cars trucks is the amazing XC90 B6 Inscription . Let’s meet her together!

This model has large dimensions and space for 7 passengers. That is why it is a perfect vehicle for your long family trips. In its seats you will discover a soft nappa leather upholstery. This detail adds even more refinement for a sense of luxury and relaxation for all occupants.

This model incorporates advanced driver assistance technology, which will become a helping hand so you can enjoy smooth and relaxed control. This system will help you maintain a safe distance from cars ahead, adapting your speed.

It also allows you to stay centered in the lane with minor steering adjustments. When approaching the curves, this assistance adapts the speed for your comfort and greater safety.

XC90 B6 Inscription

Inside the XC90 B6 Inscription you will be able to breathe the cleanest air. This is due to the advanced air quality system purifier. This world-first technology prevents up to 95% of dangerous PM 2.5 particles from entering the cabin. All passengers will thus enjoy better and healthier air quality, no matter what the conditions are outside.

To take care of each of its occupants, both Mild Hybrid versions of the XC90 are equipped with the following safety devices:

  • Side airbag system (SIPS and curtains), 2-stage frontal (driver and front passenger) and knee airbag for the driver.

  • WHIPS whiplash protection system in front seats.

  • Electronic stability control (ESC) with traction control system.

  • ABS anti-lock braking system.

  • Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist.

  • City Safety technology to keep you safe from dangerous situations.

  • ISOFIX anchorage for child seats and much more.

It is also equipped with practical driving aids, to make driving easier for you. These include the action of its front and rear parking sensors, which are combined with the reverse camera and the 360° camera (only in the B6 Inscription version).

This model features high-end speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. Precisely positioned and installed, these recreate an impressive audio experience. You’ll enjoy high-fidelity sound no matter where you sit in the vehicle.


Volvo Cars is aiming for a future where all its models are zero emissions. An important stage of that road comes from the hand of its Mild Hybrid or light hybridization system .

These are vehicles that take advantage of braking energy to charge their battery. In this way, an electric motor provides support and power to the gasoline engine, which allows reducing polluting gas emissions .

In this article you learned about the versions of Mild Hybrid trucks from Volvo Cars . With any of them you will get a powerful, safe and efficient machine, with a comfortable, luxurious cabin and full of connectivity to simplify your life.

Come to one of our dealerships to meet and try the Volvo Cars models at Los Coches . Our consultants will help you choose the vehicle of your dreams.

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